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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2007, Ashoka and Purpose Prize Fellow. Courses and programs are provided through Superate y Triunfa a powerful Learning Management System– developed by Monterrey Tech. This portal includes our Virtual Classroom that makes education available through smartphones and tablets.

Our Mission
Our mission is to make Hispanic integration a success, educating low-income Hispanic parents and empowering them to become strong and vibrant in their communities.

Because the educational experience of low-income Hispanics in the United States is one of accumulated disadvantages, stemming from parents’ immigrant and socioeconomic status and their lack of knowledge about the U.S. education system.

We base our programs and strategies on the premise that engaging low-income and low-education Hispanic parents at the children’s schools has a positive and immediate impact on the parents, their children, and the schools. There is a wealth of information, research, and studies that support these facts.

“In Irving ISD we recognize that when we raise our parents up we raise our students up. We have great aspirations for expanding PACT Program to all our elementary and middle schools and we look forward to growing together with Parents Alliance to raise up our community.” Ms. Erin Yacho, District Parent Coordinator, Irving ISD. Watch video.

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• The number of Hispanic students in the nation’s public schools nearly doubled from 1990 to 2006, accounting for 60% of the total growth. By 2011 they represented 25 percent of public school students in the United States.

• In 2012 Hispanic students were the majority in the public schools of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. More than two-thirds (69%) of them were from Mexican origin, and seven-in-ten (70%) spoke a language other than English at home.

• Hispanic children underperform dramatically in their earlier years of school, less than half graduate from high school, and even less pursue a post-secondary education. In the Class of 2011 only 15 percent were identified as proficient in mathematics and 5 percent in English.

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