We offer a hands-on learning experience that represents a radical departure from traditional education for low-income Hispanics, as we empower them to take education into their own hands. Our Courses and Workshops are based on our 9-year experience working with school districts and thousands of Hispanic parents.
See our video (In Spanish only).

PACT Program®
Thousands of parents in Texas, California, and Maryland have gone through our PACT Program® that includes Parent Education Workshop, Digital Learning and Financial Literacy. Each class is assigned a specially trained facilitator who delivers direct classroom guidance and motivation. Facilitators are native Spanish speakers with basic computer fluency, and a passion for teaching and empowering others. Most are themselves graduates of the Pact Program*, and frequently come from similar backgrounds and neighborhoods as their students. They must achieve a ‘graduation’ rate of at least 80% for all our courses. Download brochure.

PACT Program Irving Video

Ms. Erin Yacho, District Coordinator of Parent Involvement at Irving ISD talks about her experience with our PACT Program and her plans to graduate 1,200 parents by the end of school year 2016-2017.

Parent Education Workshop
This engaging 1-hour workshop will equip parents/guardians with knowledge and skills to act effectively when they or their children witness or hear about bullying. Parents learn how to use proven communication skills and strategies to encourage their children to talk with them about bullying at school, and respond effectively.
Schools invite parents to a 1-hour session in auditorium or cafeteria.

• Digital Learning
How to use a computer. Basic skills to search the Internet, communicate through Email, and perform basic activities with Microsoft Office. Students learn to fill out forms and are graded using GPA as part of the learning process.
24 hours through an in-class facilitator using the school’s computers.
Class size: 10 to 20 adults.

• Financial Literacy
Patrimony, how to prepare a budget and a financial plan. Includes basic Excel.
8 hours through an in-class facilitator.
Class size: 10 to 20 adults.

AULA VIRTUAL (Virtual Classroom)
As part of our educational portal we have created a Virtual Classroom section where we provide quality information and resources that can help any one to learn and practise the skills they need to make the most of everyday life. Short lessons allow users to learn specific tasks, for exampla: How the American school system works, How to use a tablet, How to fill out forms online, etc.

Leadership Workshops
Groups of 6 to 8 parents meet twice a week for two hours to learn about empathy, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. Workshops are held at the schools or at home where parents have the added advantage of childcare. Moderated by facilitator. Cell phone or smartphone required. Read more.

Family Workshops
We  collaborate with several agencies to offer workshops to raise awareness about bullying, domestic violence, early teen pregnancy, substance abuse and other important topics. Schools invite families to participate in one-hour workshops where they share experiences and offer solutions. These Workshops are free of charge.

Learn to say: Enough!  “Ya Basta!”
See shortfilm on Bullying directed by Carlos Cuarón, renowned writer and director, nominated for an Oscar, who won several international awards.
© Nivel Diez Film & Post, Mexico City. Used under permission.








1. Schools must be Title 1 and should offer the PACT Program® to all parents that apply regardless of race, income or affiliation.

2. Schools shall make available a room with 10 to 20 computers and a projector twice a week for 2-hour classes for the duration of the program. Computers should be connected to the Internet and should allow parents to send and receive emails.

3. Schools should make available a WiFi connection.

4. The number of parents per class should be between 10 and 20.

5. Each class should be taught by a facilitator approved and trained by Parents Alliance.









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