Parents Alliance is setting new standards for engaging Hispanic parents.

• “It was an honor to meet the CEO of the program and all the programs that it offers. In Fontana, we have different schools that have agreed to participate and host the Computer Classes and I am happy to see that our Fontana community is eager to be involved. At Redwood, we have hosted a class this first semester, and we have plans to host a class in the new year. I am happy to see this resource being offered to our community.”
Eduardo Gomez, Principal, Redwood Elementary School, Fontana USD, California

 “We could not be prouder of our parents who are seizing the opportunity to advance their education, creating a path for their children to follow. Thanks to the program our parents are becoming role models to their children and galvanizing the community to take part in our students’ achievement.”
Dr. Leslie A. Boozer, Superintendent of the Fontana Unified School District, California

• “Your concept is precisely on point and focused on the necessary actions that other proposals miss. It merits the widest possible application.
Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman, City View, San Antonio

• “Your unique, brilliant vision to empower recent immigrants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to enter the information age will have a positive impact on the Houston community for generations to come.”.
Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, Former Superintendent of Schools, Houston ISD

• “Training parents at the schools is a win-win situation.”
Zandra Aguilar, Principal, Eliot Elementary School, Houston ISD

• “We are thankful for the partnership we have been able to develop. We have seen a huge impact on our parents, community, and student population as a direct result of the services you have provided. Through observation, qualitative and quantitative data, it is evident more parents are involved on our campus, more emails and communication between staff and parents have developed, and students of this parents who were involved in the courses offered have shown academic progress.”
Cristian de la Riva, Principal, James DeAnda Elementary School, Houston ISD

• “The PACT Program has benefited our students by helping our parents understand the basic functions of the Internet and computers, and by enabling parents to monitor their students’ progress.”
Jane Crump, Principal, Sam Houston Math, Science & Technology Center, Houston ISD

• “The skills parents have learned in the program have had a positive impact on students and parents. Students are excited to see their parents participating in classes and becoming more involved in school, and the parents are able to help their children with homework and research projects. I am so proud of the accomplishments of our parents which were possible through the PACT Program.”
Liliana Garza, M.S., LPC, Counselor/Parent Coordinator, Gardens Elementary School, Pasadena ISD

• “Thanks again to both you and the Parent Alliance for what you’re providing and for the work you’re doing.  In today’s times, we desperately need difference makers.  Your organization can place itself in that category.  Again, thank you so much for your contributions,”.
Tim Klusener, Campus Technology Specialist, Sylvan Rodriguez Jr. Elementary School, Houston ISD

• “For me it was a challenge to carry out this project because so many parents registered for your program, but it was my greatest pride and satisfaction to see all the students making an effort to advance and, despite all hurdles, nothing stopped them from finishing the program.”
Hermelinda Cazares, Parent Engagement Representative, Sam Houston MSTC,
Houston ISD

• “I had received discouraging information about PACT Program, but after talking to its founder, I decided to find out about it by myself. Nothing of what I had previously heard was true. I am happy I made the decision to offer the program at our HISD Parent Super Center. We are already planning the second round.”
Rosa De Pujadas, Parent Coordinator, Sutton Elementary School, Houston ISD

• “Thanks for all the support that we have received from you and from our facilitator Miss Lorena Villarreal. Thanks for supporting all parents and for providing us with a tool to help our children. God bless you.”
Gaby Saenz, mother who graduated at Kruse Elementary, Pasadena ISD, Texas

• “I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent program your organization is providing for the Pasadena community. One of our top goals at Pasadena Public Library is to find new and effective methods to reach out to the Spanish speaking community. So, when Lorena approached us about providing Supérate y Triunfa, we were very excited. This is exactly the type of service we were looking to provide for the community.
Thank you for providing such a high quality service that will surely have a powerful impact on the Pasadena community. I look forward to a long and productive partnership with your organization.”
Mark L. Anderson, Program Coordinator, Pasadena Public Library, Pasadena, Texas