“Nonprofits have an obligation to seek new and even more effective ways of making tangible progress towards their missions, and this requires building organizational capacity.” McKinsey & Company

Parents Alliance builds capacity by collaborating with organizations that add value to our programs and inspire families to improve the community and create a platform for success. We strive to create change in the mindset of parents in the community we serve, and in their children through initiatives from other organizations, by training parents and their children as Changemakers.

The Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales

The Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales provide an integral literacy program and is a great way to talk to young children about challenging and important topics, and also to build  relationships with those little one’s who mean the world to us. The stories are now available for iPhone, Kindle, and Android tablets and phones. Parents interested in stories with moral and educational content can fly into the Avian Kingdom with Captain Eagle and Dr. Hoots. Read more.

The Program Promotes:
•  Leadership in the Community
•  Family Values
•  Environmental Stewardship
•  Community Involvement
•  Literacy
•  Lifelong Learning

Youth Venture Changemakers

Why does the world need changemakers?
We are living in a world where the problems are out numbering the solutions, where the majority of the jobs of tomorrow, do not exist today. Ashoka’s Youth Venture,  believes that for young people to thrive in a world, where change is the only constant, they need to master the critical skills of being changemakers.

School districts can bring youth venturing to their campuses with 15 years’ worth of methodologies and content that Youth Venture has to offer. It provides training, ongoing guidance, and user-friendly materials and tools to support your efforts to enable your youth to become changemakers through venturing.

The Youth Venture content is geared to middle school, high-school, and university students with varying curricular packages according to the group age. At all education levels, its program weaves the social entrepreneurship experience into school life and provides students with continuous support through our online learning platform. Each workshop series attracts between 20-60+ students and ranges between an intense weekend training to a 10-week workshop series.

Youth Venture approach:

•  Help young people identify and deeply connect with the social issues they are passionate about

•  Educate them on the skills (pitching their idea, recruiting team members, research etc), knowledge (budgeting, resource mapping, business planning etc ), attitudes (mindfulness, reflection, asking questions etc) to discover their inner changemaker.

• Connect them with a world-wide community of peers and adults for support, ideas and connection.

•  Built on design principles of peer learning, inspiration, diversity and recognizing failure as an integral part of success.

Testimonial’s from Youth Venture’s Partners.

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