Learning Portal

Superate y Triunfa (Reach Higher and Succeed) is our state-of-the-art educational platform that provides relevant and up to date content and is also our Management Learning System that takes care of the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of courses or training programs.

Learning Experience
The learning experience that we offer is a rewarding activity that allows parents to interact with computers at the schools and at home. The process relies on a user friendly curriculum, a powerful educational portal, well trained and motivated facilitators, and technology that is oblivious to the user.

Diabetes is a painful and dangerous illness that affects large numbers of Hispanics. We bring awareness of it through Fecebook where we use funny and intriguing posts such as: “How many table spoons of sugar are there in a 12oz can of soda? The answer is 10. Your whole family should see the attached video.” Users are sent to the Health and Wellness section in Superate y Triunfa where we show a video in Spanish prepared by the American Diabetes Society and a link to the society’s website in Spanish. People learn and are compelled to take action.
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 Diabetes Type 2 English



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